Functional Skills English

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Entry Level 1, 2, 3 and Level 1 and 2

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Workshops in small groups or online

Course Information

Allow you to recognise and improve the level of your English skills.

Allow a flexible method of learning.

Provide a nationally recognised certificate.

The course covers all areas identified in the Functional Skills curriculum for Entry English and includes subjects such as reading, writing and speaking and listening.

This course is for anyone who does not have an entry level qualification in English.

No formal qualifications are required (depending on the outcome of your initial assessment), just a commitment from you to allocate time to attend the workshops.

You will undertake two paper-based assessments, as set by the awarding organisation plus a further assessment for the speaking and listening element.

Initial and diagnostic assessment


Resource materials will be provided for independent study between workshops

Practice papers

Final assessment

Entry Level 1 Certificate in Functional Skills English; or

Entry Level 2 Certificate in Functional Skills English; or

Entry Level 3 Certificate in Functional Skills English

You may wish to progress to the next level or progress onto a maths qualification.

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